When Looking Back means Reading Right to Left...

Nisha Magazine

An unexpected, but welcome surprise came in the spring of last year while we were working on our Kickstarter campaign.  The design magazine Nisha, known for being on the front lines of discovering the most innovative interior product designs in Israel (and written 100% in Hebrew), featured Hudson and Kings’ product in their April 2016 edition.  The spot included a brief write-up, as well as a photo of our best-loved Brooklyn-Williamsburg Map design.

As we move forward, our studio is filling up with new products to be released soon.  At times, the ideas come faster than our hands can make them.  But that’s the spirit of New York--the city races at a mile a minute, and changes can sweep the atmosphere at any given moment.  Still, it’s a good time to look back and remember this time when we first began to gain some traction as a brand.  The spot in Nisha was our very first PR piece--and even more remarkable than the unexpected article was the fact that it was not written in English!

As a company, part of our objective is to bring together our support for international artisans and our designs that celebrate New York.  How amazing is it that an art-loving magazine overseas reached out to us first?

As for what the article says, your guess is as good as mine!  Can any of you read Hebrew?