What’s everyone’s fascination with Brooklyn?

The 718 area code, is home to Jay-Z, Spike Lee, Bernie Sanders, Michael Jordan, Jimmy Kimmel, Neil Diamond and Lou Reed to name a few. Various business have displayed their pride by adopting the name such as Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Soda Works, Brooklyn Hard Candy and many more.

This passion isn’t just limited to now we’ve even seen it in the past with the former Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team and a resurfacing with the current basketball team the Brooklyn Nets. 



So where did this obsession begin?

Since its inception, Brookyln has always been distinct for its hardworking people and strong sense of community. During colonial times, Brooklyn was colonized by the Dutch. It began as six towns; Gravesend, Brooklyn Heights or Brueckelen, Flatlands or Amersfoort, Flatbush as Midwout, New Utrecht as Utrecht and Bushwick as Boswijck.  

The Dutch would set the blueprint for the Post-colonial era urbanization and around 1945 the New York City Borough. This is where the brownstone and tenement building history began. From an architectural standpoint, these apartments stood out for their stoop which was used as a gathering place for men and women to explore one of Americas most culturally diverse areas.  

We wanted to celebrate this diversity along with hard work and a sense of togetherness!  This 10 piece hand carved wooden New York City tenement buildings/brownstones represent a renaissance. Where we came from, where we are now, and our blueprint for the future. Hope you all find the building you live in, desire to live or own at some point in your life.  And start collecting them one or few at a time.