When Looking Back means Reading Right to Left...

Nisha Magazine

An unexpected, but welcome surprise came in the spring of last year while we were working on our Kickstarter campaign.  The design magazine Nisha, known for being on the front lines of discovering the most innovative interior product designs in Israel (and written 100% in Hebrew), featured Hudson and Kings’ product in their April 2016 edition.  The spot included a brief write-up, as well as a photo of our best-loved Brooklyn-Williamsburg Map design.

As we move forward, our studio is filling up with new products to be released soon.  At times, the ideas come faster than our hands can make them.  But that’s the spirit of New York--the city races at a mile a minute, and changes can sweep the atmosphere at any given moment.  Still, it’s a good time to look back and remember this time when we first began to gain some traction as a brand.  The spot in Nisha was our very first PR piece--and even more remarkable than the unexpected article was the fact that it was not written in English!

As a company, part of our objective is to bring together our support for international artisans and our designs that celebrate New York.  How amazing is it that an art-loving magazine overseas reached out to us first?

As for what the article says, your guess is as good as mine!  Can any of you read Hebrew?

FSEA Silver Leaf Award

Guess what?  We have some thrilling news...

We are  up to our elbows in embossing projects, and now more than ever before… because of our Silver Leaf Award from the FSEA!

Each year, the Foil and Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) gives awards for the best use of embossing and foil techniques in graphic arts.  Their annual awards showcase the best use of specialty effects in the industry from companies all over the world.  When our mold making company received our samples for the leather embossed “4 Bridges” cushion cover, they suggested that we submit our design.  With no previous knowledge of the contest but a good feeling about the design, we submitted… and placed!  Hudson and Kings received the Silver Leaf Award in the category for “Most Creative Use of Foil & Embossing”.  We are so pleased to have our design featured on the FSEA’s website.

Thank you to our company and to the FSEA for this award, and congratulations to all the winners!

What’s everyone’s fascination with Brooklyn?

The 718 area code, is home to Jay-Z, Spike Lee, Bernie Sanders, Michael Jordan, Jimmy Kimmel, Neil Diamond and Lou Reed to name a few. Various business have displayed their pride by adopting the name such as Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Soda Works, Brooklyn Hard Candy and many more.

This passion isn’t just limited to now we’ve even seen it in the past with the former Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team and a resurfacing with the current basketball team the Brooklyn Nets. 



So where did this obsession begin?

Since its inception, Brookyln has always been distinct for its hardworking people and strong sense of community. During colonial times, Brooklyn was colonized by the Dutch. It began as six towns; Gravesend, Brooklyn Heights or Brueckelen, Flatlands or Amersfoort, Flatbush as Midwout, New Utrecht as Utrecht and Bushwick as Boswijck.  

The Dutch would set the blueprint for the Post-colonial era urbanization and around 1945 the New York City Borough. This is where the brownstone and tenement building history began. From an architectural standpoint, these apartments stood out for their stoop which was used as a gathering place for men and women to explore one of Americas most culturally diverse areas.  

We wanted to celebrate this diversity along with hard work and a sense of togetherness!  This 10 piece hand carved wooden New York City tenement buildings/brownstones represent a renaissance. Where we came from, where we are now, and our blueprint for the future. Hope you all find the building you live in, desire to live or own at some point in your life.  And start collecting them one or few at a time. 


Glimpse of history

Built in 1923 as the Newburgh Savings Bank & currently Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. Beeeeeeautiful main floor with 35 ft ceiling.  Perfect for Hudson Valley wedding venue ?



Loooove the humongous steel safe door in gunmetal color on main floor & rust on old walk-in safe in the basement.  Army green metal drawers..... just beautiful in sight.

Can you tell how old this is ?  People used to write things back then.  Grateful for the opportunity to witness the history in the neighbor.



In the city, I couldn't help but notice the One57 building. Since it stands over 1000 feet above Central Park, it's hard for anyone to miss. Personally, I'd be afraid to live in a 90 story residential, it's probably just me.

It's nicknamed the "The Billionaire Building" for a good reason - no one else could afford to live there! Early last year, one of the penthouses closed for over $100 million. It was the most expensive apartment ever sold in NYC.

Costs like that are why I'm escaping the city!

Where It's Warm

Warmth is feeling that so much more than just not being cold; it's feeling content, comfortable, and relaxed.

In the city, I found comfort inside of Warm, a curated lifestyle boutique that strives to find items that create a feeling of - you guessed it - warmth. It quickly became one of my new favorite shops.

Located In NoLita, Warm carries all kinds of lifestyle items, from housewares to clothing. Along with the beautiful items, I loved the setup of this shop. The wooden rustic floors and vintage looking dark, printed wallpaper showed off the bohemian and ethnic-inspired products.

The Bridges

For a lot of people, bridges are a source of anxiety - traffic, traffic, and more traffic. But when you think of a bridge as something that brings you home, it's less stressful and more comforting. 


The city has been my home for many years, and the bridges allow me to get back to my roots. There's something familiar, almost sentimental, about driving over the bridges into Brooklyn. It's something I've done countless times. 

The sight itself is something special. The view in particular is a two in one - Manhattan and Brooklyn, Work and Home.

Industry City

I miss my studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Working long and busy hours, the extremely graphic, graffiti ridden lobby helped wake me up.

The hallway of my old Industry City studio. I used to occupy one of these spaces!

My studio, your sponge.

Artists want to share their work, but not their tools. I can't blame them, though.


My reverse commute to Newburgh starts!

Newburgh Studio

Hudson river view from our Newburgh studio.  Peace !


Messy ? current and future projects

egg cart from Harrisburgh egg farm converted to our sample shelves    

Great finding from an old watch part company in midtown.  Love the drawers.


Finally embossed leather cushions arrived from India.  Tumbling Italian skins didn't help the earlier delivery.  But, finally in.


Monday Meetings

Earlier this week, we met with Japanese buyers in the New York EDITION hotel in the Flatiron District.

It was a quiet morning, and the feel of The Edition hotel went along with that. We loved the look of this interior. The varying neutrals added interest without being too over the top.

We stopped by the bar, but since it was morning, we didn't grab anything to drink. Maybe next time!


We're excited to announce that our Kickstarter has officially launched! We are very proud of our unique product and are excited to see how this project will be able to help us in the future. 

By visiting our project page, you'll be able to get a little insight into how our signature embossed cushions are created. If you feel inclined to pledge, we have rewards including a leather keychain, an embossed cushion, or even a set of cushions.

Hudson River Bindery


At Hudson and Kings, we love to visit our friend Alice Vaughan at Hudson River Bindery. With over 30 years in the business, she’s a veteran of her craft. Her masterful skill has been a source of inspiration for us. Her style of embossing gives a vintage look that goes perfectly with our urban vibe.


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