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HUDSON AND KINGS was born in 2015 by Lan Park, a long-time Brooklyn resident and a fashion industry veteran. Hudson and Kings is a New York based lifestyle design firm that celebrates Brooklyn by transforming the borough’s style into home décor and beyond. The designs are reflective of qualities associated with New Yorkers: tough, fearless, and original.

Park's knowledge of material and passion for all things Brooklyn led her to create products with a vintage, yet modern & architectural look. Through our signature embossing, Hudson and Kings' designs allow the edgy feel of Brooklyn to stand out in a soft and comforting fashion. Each design celebrates the authenticity of Brooklyn and all of New York.

Hudson and Kings also brings Brooklyn to developing countries to appreciate artisan’s skill with Brooklyn’s creativity.  Each individual hand-made piece nurtures and educates future artisans in the process.

With Hudson and Kings, you can bring Brooklyn home.

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